White Nights

White Nights

Saint Petersburg's White Nights are a natural phenomenon occuring during the summer months when the sun remains visible until after midnight, making beautiful endless sunsets that bathe the city in a magical glow.

If you have the opportunity to visit Saint Petersburg during the spring and early summer, you'll enjoy an incredibly special experience, not just with the spectacular sight of the city in a continuous state of twilight, but also with the festivities the White Nights bring

While the phenomenon can be seen in other European cities within the Arctic Circle, in St Petersburg, the arrival of the summer solstice is a big deal, and it's celebrated with fireworks, outdoor concerts and carnivals.

Top tips for White Nights in St Petersburg

If you're planning to visit St Petersburg during the White Nights festival, it's best to check what events will be taking place in the city, so you can coordinate your trip and ensure your travel plans aren't affected. Take a look at the events page of the city's official tourism site here.

It's worth noting that during the White Nights festivities in St Petersburg, there may well be a surge in prices in hotels and flights, and tourist attractions and excursions are more likely to sell out, making it even more important to reserve tickets in advance.

On a practical note, if you struggle to sleep when it's light out, make sure to check that your hotel has good blinds and remember to bring an eye mask. As magical as those never-ending sunsets are, you won't be enjoying them when you need a good night's sleep!

To make the most of the White Nights in St Petersburg, we recommend booking a unique boat tour on the Neva River. The cruise takes place at midnight during the summer months, allowing you to see the famous raising of the  city's drawbridges:

St Petersburg Midnight Boat Cruise