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Kazan Cathedral, the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, the Hermitage Museum, the Peter and Paul Cathedral... make the most of your time in Saint Petersburg and ensure you don't miss the city's most important sights.

Ten must-visit places in St Petersburg

Hermitage Museum

With an impressive collection of more than three million objects, the State Hermitage Museum offers a fascinating journey through Russian art and history.

Peterhof Palace

A majestic fusion of European and Imperial Russian styles, the Royal Peterhof Palace is an elegant complex known as the Russian Versailles.

Catherine Palace

The imposing Catherine Palace, located in Pushkin on the outskirts of St Petersburg, dazzles visitors with its lavish beauty. Find out how to visit!

Peter and Paul Fortress

The original citadel of St Petersburg, the Peter and Paul Fortress was founded on Zayachy Island in 1703 and remains one of the city's main attractions.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Saint Isaac's Cathedral, which has actually been a museum since 1931, is an enormous neoclassical building that dominates St Petersburg's skyline.

Kazan Cathedral

Sitting majestically on Nevsky Prospect, Saint Petersburg's Kazan Cathedral is an impressive building reminiscent of St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.


Known as the Venice of the North, St Petersburg is made up of 40 islands divided by more than 60 canals and linked by some 500 bridges.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

St Petersburg's Peter and Paul Cathedral, located in the fortress of the same name, is the city's oldest landmark and the world's tallest Orthodox church.

Saint Petersburg Metro

Efficient and beautiful: the St Petersburg Metro is not only a great way to get around the city, it's also a living museum of Soviet art and architecture.