Bridges of Saint Petersburg

Bridges of Saint Petersburg

Known as the "Venice of the North", St Petersburg is made up of 40 islands divided by more than 60 canals and linked by some 500 bridges.

Saint Petersburg's canals, rivers and bridges are one of the city's most enchanting features, and each of the bridges has its own particular style, decoration and history. It's a true pleasure to discover them, whether from the water on a boat cruise, or simply by strolling over them on foot.

Overnight, one of St Petersburg's most fascinating traditions takes place and the drawbridges around the city open up: a wonderful blend of engineering, design and history that offers an unparalleled spectacle.

Most important bridges

St Petersburg is home to around 500 different bridges of different shapes and sizes. As it might be a little too much to visit all of them, we've compiled a list of those which really stand out:

  • Bank Bridge: built between 1825 and 1826, the city's narrowest bridge is also one of the best known. A fusion of excellent engineering and serene beauty, this pedestrian bridge over the Griboedov Canal is guarded by four large golden-winged lion sculptures which hold iron bridge supports between their jaws.
  • Blue Bridge: with a width of over 300 feet (almost 100 metres), this bridge was painted blue to ease the life of citizens who couldn't read, allowing them to identify bridges by their colours. The Red, Green and Yellow bridges also still survive.
  • Anichkov Bridge: guarded by four horses and their tamers, this three-arched bridge over the Fontanka River is one of the favourites of the inhabitants of St Petersburg and a popular attraction on Nevsky Prospect.
  • Trinity Bridge: built in 1903 in an attractive Art Nouveau style, the Trinity Bridge is one of the longest bridges in the city and spans the Neva River, just next to the Peter and Paul Fortress.
  • Hermitage Bridge: built over the Winter Canal, the city's oldest stone bridge connects the Hermitage Theatre with the Hermitage Museum.
  • Palace Bridge: a symbol of St. Petersburg and one of the main arteries of the city, this enormous bridge offers an impressive show during its opening.