Museums in Saint Petersburg

St Petersburg itself is a living museum with streets and metro stations full of history, but the city is also home to numerous dedicated spaces to discover Russian history and art. See which museums interest you the most!

St Petersburg Museums

State Hermitage Museum

With an impressive collection of more than three million objects, the State Hermitage Museum offers a fascinating journey through Russian art and history.

State Russian Museum

Opened in 1895, the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg is home to the world's largest collection of Russian art.

Russian Cruiser Aurora

The Russian Cruiser Aurora is an imposing warship that has been preserved as one of the most special history museums in St Petersburg.


Established by Peter the Great as the first museum in Russia, the Kunstkamera is testament to the Tsar's interest in the unusual.

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

St Petersburg's Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines is home to 50 historic arcade machines still in perfect working order for the enjoyment of visitors.

Fabergé Museum

Housed in the Shuvalov Palace in St Petersburg, the Fabergé Museum showcases the pieces made by the official jeweller of the Russian Imperial Court.

Mikhailovsky Castle

A former royal residence in the historic centre of St Petersburg, the majestic Mikhailovsky Castle is home to the Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum.