Weather in Saint Petersburg

Weather in Saint Petersburg

Spring, summer, autumn, or winter: learn all about the weather in Saint Petersburg so you can decide when to travel and what to pack!

Saint Petersburg has a humid continental climate and the influence of the Baltic Sea means it has short, warm summers and long, cold, wet winters

Summer in Saint Petersburg

Summers are mild but humid with moderate temperatures: the warmest months are usually June, July, and August with maximum highs around 23ºC or 73ºF and lows of 12ºC or 53ºF. Many people choose to visit Saint Petersburg between late May and mid-July for the White Nights, when the sun never completely sets, providing a spectacular background of endless sunsets.

Saint Petersburg in winter

Winters (November to March) in Saint Petersburg are harsh. Average temperatures range between -3ºC (25ºF) and -9ºC (14ºF), but it has reached as low as -35ºC (-32ºF)! Many popular activities like boat trips won't take place during the winter months as the canals and rivers are frozen over, but if you brave the cold, you'll be rewarded with beautiful snow-covered scenes.

When should I visit Saint Petersburg?

The city is beautiful and full of charm whatever the season. If you feel the cold, late spring through to autumn is the best time to go for pleasant temperatures and long, light-filled days, whereas if you want the full Russian experience, seeing Saint Petersburg under layers of fluffy white snow while wrapped up warm is an unforgettable feeling - just don't forget to pack layers!