Monuments and attractions in Saint Petersburg

Discover St Petersburg's most important monuments and most popular tourist attractions to make the most of your trip to this iconic Russian city.

Unmissable monuments and attractions

Peter and Paul Fortress

The original citadel of St Petersburg, the Peter and Paul Fortress was founded on Zayachy Island in 1703 and remains one of the city's main attractions.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Saint Isaac's Cathedral, which has actually been a museum since 1931, is an enormous neoclassical building that dominates St Petersburg's skyline.

Kazan Cathedral

Sitting majestically on Nevsky Prospect, Saint Petersburg's Kazan Cathedral is an impressive building reminiscent of St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.


Known as the Venice of the North, St Petersburg is made up of 40 islands divided by more than 60 canals and linked by some 500 bridges.

Winter Palace

The former official residence of the Russian Tsars, the Winter Palace is an imposing building that forms part of the Hermitage Museum.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

St Petersburg's Peter and Paul Cathedral, located in the fortress of the same name, is the city's oldest landmark and the world's tallest Orthodox church.

Nevsky Prospect

Spanning over two and a half miles across central St Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect is the main street in the city and is home to many important monuments.

Mariinsky Theatre

With over 100 years of history, magnificent decor and home to the Imperial Russian Ballet, the Mariinsky Theatre is St Petersburg's most important theatre.

Palace Square

Palace Square is the heart of St Petersburg, a majestic space surrounded by elegant buildings that give it a stately character.

Senate Square

First built in the 18th century, Senate Square - formerly called Decemberists' Square - was one of the first squares in St Petersburg.

Vasilyevsky Island

With a privileged location offering unparalleled views of St Petersburg, Vasilyevsky Island is also home to a number of the city's important attractions.