Saint Isaac's CathedralSaint Isaac's Cathedral, which has actually been a museum since 1931, is an enormous neoclassical building that dominates St Petersburg's skyline.
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AirportLocated 12 miles (20 km) south of St Petersburg, Pulkovo Airport welcomes over 10 million passengers a year from more than 170 destinations.
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Peter and Paul FortressThe original citadel of St Petersburg, the Peter and Paul Fortress was founded on Zayachy Island in 1703 and remains one of the city's main attractions.
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Winter PalaceThe former official residence of the Russian Tsars, the Winter Palace is an imposing building that forms part of the Hermitage Museum.
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Nevsky ProspectSpanning over two and a half miles across central St Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect is the main street in the city and is home to many important monuments.
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Mariinsky TheatreWith over 100 years of history, magnificent decor and home to the Imperial Russian Ballet, the Mariinsky Theatre is St Petersburg's most important theatre.
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Palace SquarePalace Square is the heart of St Petersburg, a majestic space surrounded by elegant buildings that give it a stately character.
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Senate SquareFirst built in the 18th century, Senate Square - formerly called Decemberists' Square - was one of the first squares in St Petersburg.
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Vasilyevsky IslandWith a privileged location offering unparalleled views of St Petersburg, Vasilyevsky Island is also home to a number of the city's important attractions.
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Hermitage MuseumWith an impressive collection of more than three million objects, the State Hermitage Museum offers a fascinating journey through Russian art and history.
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Russian Cruiser AuroraThe Russian Cruiser Aurora is an imposing warship that has been preserved as one of the most special history museums in St Petersburg.
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KunstkameraEstablished by Peter the Great as the first museum in Russia, the Kunstkamera is testament to the Tsar's interest in the unusual.
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Museum of Soviet Arcade MachinesSt Petersburg's Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines is home to 50 historic arcade machines still in perfect working order for the enjoyment of visitors.
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Fabergé MuseumHoused in the Shuvalov Palace in St Petersburg, the Fabergé Museum showcases the pieces made by the official jeweller of the Russian Imperial Court.
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Mikhailovsky CastleA former royal residence in the historic centre of St Petersburg, the majestic Mikhailovsky Castle is home to the Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum.
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Church of the Saviour on Spilled BloodThe Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood is one of St Petersburg's main sights, a majestic construction with legendary history.
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Kazan CathedralSitting majestically on Nevsky Prospect, Saint Petersburg's Kazan Cathedral is an impressive building reminiscent of St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.
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Peter and Paul CathedralSt Petersburg's Peter and Paul Cathedral, located in the fortress of the same name, is the city's oldest landmark and the world's tallest Orthodox church.
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Peterhof PalaceA majestic fusion of European and Imperial Russian styles, the Royal Peterhof Palace is an elegant complex known as the Russian Versailles.
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Catherine PalaceThe imposing Catherine Palace, located in Pushkin on the outskirts of St Petersburg, dazzles visitors with its lavish beauty.
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